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GyroRemote finds nearby servers automatically. You can set up the app to connect to your prefered server automatically without searching again.

Pro-Feature: Wake up previosly found servers with a WOL-command.

The main screen features full mouse support including a scrollpanel as well as a quick access to the keyboard.

Pro-Feature: Having an enhanced keyboard with function-keys etc.
GyroRemote also features a stunning ALT+TAB feature:
Display and switch currently running apps on the PC with your Phone!

GyroRemote features comprehensive media and energy controls including volume controls, play/pause/stop playback, restart, shutdown, hibernate, standby, lock workstation, log out and let you turn your monitor(s) on and off.

Pro-Feature: The System-Info dashboard displays CPU, memory, battery and network usage in realtime. This turns your phone in a usefull second screen for your PC.

Touchpad for phones without gyroscope like this Lumia 620. The touchpad is also accessable for all other devices via the settings.

Different phones, different settings. GyroRemote adjusts itself to your phone's features.

Special air-cursor for a better visual recognition on screen when you are controling the PC from a greater distance (e.g. from your couch).
It turns automatically on and off when you are using GyroRemote.

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